About DB Guitar Lessons

Taking private guitar lessons via WebCam is a convenient alternative to taking lessons in person, and virtually the same experience. If you have a Webcam, Skype and PayPal, you can study with a professional guitar teacher right from the comfort of your own home!

How does this work?

After making your appointment, simply log in to Skype where you will receive a video call from your teacher. In the lesson, you will be able to communicate face-to-face just as you would in person. Your teacher will be able to demonstrate concepts and answer your questions. Printed material for the lesson, such as tabs, and chord charts, will be e-mailed to you, or made available online so that you can view it in real-time with your teacher. When the lesson is over, please pay for the lesson via PayPal. Lessons are $18 per half hour. To get started fill out the form below or setup an appointment over the phone by calling 248.812.9425.


What Students are Saying

I have been taking lessons with Dan for over a year now and he has helped me tremendously to become a better all around guitar player. Taking lessons with Dan is so simple and convenient because I can name any song and he is able to listen by ear and show me step by step exactly how to play it. He not only shows you how to play your favorite songs but also the basic theory behind them in a way that is easily remembered. I encourage any one of any skill level to start taking lessons with Dan!
Ryan Cohen, Austin, Texas
I have learned how to play so many of my favorite songs from Dan. He showed me how to do things that I couldn't figure out on my own and showed me the easiest way to do it at my skill level. If you have a desire to learn a particular style, song, or just want to expand your playing horizons, I would definitely go with Dan!
Rick Rock, Detroit Michigan

Half hour lessons are only $18 and first time students can do a free 15 minute trial lesson!

Teacher Bio: Dan Blanzy

Dan Blazy Bio Picture

Hello, my name is Dan Blanzy. I've been teaching guitar lessons for over 15 years, and am now offering my services here at DBGuitarLessons.com via webcam lessons. I teach all popular genres of music, and will cater the lessons to your individual taste. I offer courses on music fundamentals, technique, sight reading, music theory, and ear training. I'll work with you at your pace, focusing on the things that are relevant to your personal goals.

My education includes a bachelors degree in music from Wayne State University, an Associates degree from Macomb Community College, and private lessons with respected local instructors including Lee Dyament (classical & jazz), and Steve Carryer (Jazz). My performance experience includes playing in various cover bands, original bands, high school and college jazz bands, Jazz combos, and the Wayne State University Guitar Ensemble. I was nominated for an Emmy for my work on the PBS television show My Bedbugs, for which I did sound effects/foley & music. In 2007 I launched a website called Discover Guitar Online for which I created all of the content.

You can hear me play guitar at my MySpace page, and at my website, Discover Guitar Online.

In Person Lessons

If you live in Southeast Michigan, and would like to take lessons in person, I am currently teaching at: